Submissions for Dead by Dawn 2021
are now open!

Submission deadline is
February 16th, 2021

We don’t charge a fee for submissions

How to submit a film for consideration

  • Simply send us a link to Vimeo (or similar) and a password if there is one
  • The email address to use is
  • It helps us a lot if you put your film title in the Subject line
  • If the link or password is wrong, the submission will be rejected

What we do with your submission

  • We send you an email notifying you of receipt of your film
  • The film is seen by our programmers
  • We notify you if your film is selected
  • We notify you if your film is not selected
  • We don’t respond to emails asking for submission updates
  • We don’t provide feedback on why a film hasn’t been selected
What happens if your film is selected
  • We'll arrange to take digital delivery of your film
  • We'll need you to provide high-res images
  • We'll send details of your screening date and programme
  • We'll provide a comp ticket for your screening
  • All films are eligible for Audience Awards

Vital things to know about submitting a film to us

  • It’s a short film if the runtime is 59 minutes or less
  • It’s a feature if the runtime is 60 minutes or longer
  • Screeners not in English must have English subtitles
  • We don’t accept works in progress or trailers for consideration
  • You may only submit your film once
  • Please don't send us posters or press kits
  • We don’t currently programme music videos or web series
  • Please don’t add us to mailing or other distribution lists
  • Please don’t send us updates about your film
  • We no longer accept submissions on DVD or memory sticks
  • A screener request is not an invitation to screen at the festival
  • We take the security of your submission very seriously
  • We don’t know where we heard about your film